Watch How Major Lazer’s “Light it Up (Remix)” Was Mixed in Logic Pro X

PureMix has been on a roll lately.

Puremix just released their latest mixing tutorial ($40) featuring the song “Light It Up (Remix)” by Major Lazer.

It was entirely done inside Logic Pro X.

How Major Lazer’s “Light it Up (Remix)” Was Mixed

“Luca Pretolesi Mixing Major Lazer” is a 2.5 hour long mixing and mastering lesson from top EDM mixing engineer Luca Pretolesi.

He’ll guide you through his entire process from opening up the session through to creating multiple versions of the final masters.

Countless before and after comparisons will teach you both the sound and the attitude that’s required to build a killer EDM mix.

Here’s the best part:

The video also comes with a download of the raw multitrack stems so you can practice mixing the song using the same source material as Luca.

Watch the trailer:

The video costs $40.

For more info about what hardware and software Luca used, go here:

Have fun.

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