Free Book: Logic Pro X – What’s New in 10.3.2

Logic Pro X – What’s New in 10.3.2” is a free 90 pages pdf file now available at
These Graphically Enhanced Release Notes provide the most comprehensive and detailed coverage of all the new features and changes with in-depth explanations, lots of unique diagrams and graphics, additional information, and instructions not found anywhere else.


Comprehensive, In-Depth, Illustrated

Logic Pro X – What’s New in 10.3.2” is not just a quick overview of the changes in the new Logic update to show only a few highlights. This book covers everything you need to know about this update, and there is a lot to know and to learn about.

Despite being “just” a point-release, Logic Pro X v10.3.2 has a few big new features that require some extra understanding of how they work and how to use them. For example, the new Percussion Drummers, the new Library Browser layout or the Yellow Apple Loops.

I show before/after screenshots of most of the changes, which enables you to quickly see what has changed and what might (or might not) affect your personal workflow.



Here are a few examples with screenshots from the book in case you are not familiar with the style of my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals”.

Percussion Drummers

If you think that the new Percussion Drummers are just three new Drummers, then you are totally wrong. These Drummers are based on a slightly different concept, using the EXS24 Sampler. If you have the impression that the other two Drummer concepts based on the Drum Kit Designer and Drum Machine Designer are complex, fasten your seat belts because the complexity level just went up a notch.

Drummers in the Library

Part of the user interface of the Drummer Editor has moved to the Library Browser. With it comes a different concept how to use the Library Browser with the Drummers. I spend 15 pages alone just to provide all the little details on how to use it and how not to get confused.

Yellow Apple Loops

The new Yellow Apple Loops a.k.a “Drummer Loops” add amazing new flexibility to the Drummers In Logic. These are not just a couple of megabytes of new Apple Loops; they expand the workflow and usability regarding the Drummers quite a bit.

Alchemy Improvements

There are quite a few improvements for Alchemy. No need to search for them. I will show screenshots of all the menus and their new parameters to make it easier to find them.

Touch Bar

Lots of small little improvements for the Touch Bar that makes it even better. By the time everybody can afford a new MacBook Pro, this feature will be just fantastic.

Final Cut Pro X

The improvements for the Final Cut Pro XML format is huge for anybody exchanging Projects with Final Cut Pro X. Its Parent Roles and Subroles are now imported in Logic Pro X as perfectly labeled Summing Stacks. See it to believe it.

And much, much, more …

This was just a quick overview of what you can expect from this 90 pages book. Show some respect to the hard working Logic Developer Team and make sure to explore all the new features and improvements, even the little ones.

Did I mention the PDF file is free?


Graphically Enhanced Manuals

If you are interested in learning more about Logic Pro X, check out the books in my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals” series. All books are available as pdf files, printed books on Amazon and interactive multi-touch iBooks on Apple’s iBooks Store.

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Thanks for your time and interest,

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich is a composer, producer, educator and author of the best-selling book series “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” He is a graduate of the prestigious Tonmeister program at the University of Arts in Berlin where he also was teaching for five years. His musical work in a wide variety of styles includes numerous scores for films and TV shows plus compositions for ballet and sacred music. His recent re-recording of the Blade Runner soundtrack (done exclusively in Logic Pro!) achieved critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. Follow him on Twitter @EdgarRothermich
Edgar Rothermich

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