Review – Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums

a screenshot of the Review – Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums for Kontakt

In this video review, Eli Krantzberg takes a look at the Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums

Drum sample libraries abound all around us. Who needs yet another? With abundance everywhere, I have come to appreciate when a library specializes in one thing and doesn’t try to do everything. In the case of Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums, we’re talking about rock drums. And only rock drums. And they sound fantastic!

Recorded at God City Recording Studio by Kurt Ballou, this Kontakt instrument provides not only a fabulous set of multi-samples but also a 14 channel mixer with incredible sounding built in effects, full microphone bleed between channels, a drag and drop MIDI groove library player and a fully customizable key map page.

Drum Kit Selection

a screenshot of the Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums Kit Page

The kit selection page is intuitive with drop-down menus to load alternate samples. Sustain, pitch, and dynamic controls are set individually for each piece. The effects include EQ, parallel compression, saturation, tape, and reverb – all beautifully tailored for a live in-your-face rock drum sound.


a screenshot of the Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums Mixer Page

Of special note are the bleed sliders for each drum, and the Turbo Tracks function. Here, an additional copy of the close microphone signal has been heavily processed by Kurt’s analog outboard gear at Godcity Recording. These hyper-processed sounds can be blended in parallel with the unprocessed sound to achieve a level of punch and clarity not possible otherwise. You can dial up a nice ringy sustain for a sloppy fat sounding drum kit piece. Or dial in some tight snap and transient shape for a sharper attack. It’s a great feature!

MIDI Files

The included MIDI files and key mapping round out the offerings. These samples work great either with programmed drums, MIDI files or with live input from electronic drum pads.


Check out the Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums in the video below:


Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums are available for $89 at

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