How to Make Vocal Harmonies in Logic Pro X with Revoice Pro

a screenshot of synchro arts revoice pro in logic pro x

In these two video tutorials produced by Eli Krantzberg, you’ll learn how to make vocal harmonies in Logic Pro X, and how to “midify” vocals with Synchro Arts Revoice Pro.

Video – How to Create Vocal Harmonies in Logic Pro X With Revoice Pro

Watch as a vocal phrase from Logic Pro X is tuned in Revoice Pro. A Warp process is then used to take some of the individual notes and transpose them to create vocal harmonies. The vibrato of these harmonies is adjusted independently of the source track they were taken from. And thanks to the great sibilant detection in Revoice Pro, the “s” sounds at the beginning and end of the words are left unaltered. They remain at their original pitch, for a more natural sounding transposition.

Creating Harmonies in Logic Pro with Revoice Pro from Synchro Arts on Vimeo.

Video – How to Midify Vocals With Revoice Pro

Logic Pro X’s Flex Pitch is great, but sometimes you just need to bring out the big guns! One fantastic feature of Revoice Pro from SynchroArts is the ability to extract the pitch, phrasing, feel, timing, dynamics, and vibrato from one audio track and apply it to another. The depth of the vibrato, degree of tracking and timing extraction can all be controlled independently.

And since the Logic 10.3 update, it’s never been easier to work with Revoice Pro.

The new selection based processing allows for seamless offline transferring between the two apps. Watch in this video as I take a legato vocal phrase from Logic Pro X, and then use the Revoice Pro APT process to get it to follow a busy synth line. The results are then dragged and dropped back into Logic Pro X.

How to Midify Vocals with Revoice Pro from Synchro Arts on Vimeo.

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