Using Blue Cat Audio Destructor in the Studio

Using Blue Cat Audio Destructor in the Studio

In the following video, hear how Destructor, Blue Cat’s distortion and amp modeling tool, can be used for subtle warm saturation to create a full-bodied clean guitar sound.

Using Blue Cat Audio Destructor in the Studio

Part One – Keepin’ it Clean

In part one of this video series, preamp and cabinet settings are swapped and edited to sculpt just the right tone for a rhythm guitar part that adds movement and groove to a TV underscore cue. After that, an alternate clean guitar tone is set up and a counter melody is recorded for the same cue.

Part Two – Sittin’ In the Mix

In this video Destructor is used to establish a guitar sound with some drive and personality, but that also sits in the mix and blends with the accompanying instrument tracks. The dynamics range and attack controls are set so that the rhythmic single note part that is recorded has varying amounts of drive based on the force used by the guitarist as he is playing. Then an electric bass part is doubled. A few different presets are explored and tweaked. The threshold and ceiling controls are set in the Shape Dynamics section so that the shaper curve responds to the guitarist’s performance.

Part Three – Two Guitar Tracks, One Part

A tweed setup and blackface vibralux setup are customized for two separate guitar tracks that are designed to function as a single musical part. First the shaper curve, drive, and dynamics are set for an aggressive rock style chord part designed to stand out in the arrangement. The post distortion cabinet EQ is used to enhance the beefy fullness of the lower end. Then the brighter Vibralux tone is used for the second guitar part. Played in a slightly higher register, the Drive, dynamics, and Cabinet EQ are adjusted so the part meshes and blends with the first. Together they create a driving rock groove that sounds like it is played by two different guitarists.

Part Four – Overdrive!

Destructor has settings for every scenario. A heavily driven rock guitar part is recorded with the “Highway to Rock” preset barely altered. It is then panned and doubled with the same preset. The shaper dynamics are set for a different response for the doubled part, which is played in a higher register. The harmonics generated from the two shaper curves blends the parts together perfectly. The US Metal Legends preset is then used as the jumping off point for a screaming lead solo on top of the original two guitar tracks. Delay and reverb are added in the DAW. And the shaper curve is edited so that every note pushes it to the max. The aggressive shaper curve, coupled with a slightly reduced drive, establishes a lead sound that cuts through the entire dense mix while still leaving room for the accompanying guitar tracks to be heard: and felt!

About Destructor

Blue Cat Audio Destructor is a powerful distortion and amp sim modeling tool capable of simulating any kind of distortion: from harsh digital destruction to smooth compression or guitar amp simulation.

The plugin comes with hundreds of presets and predefined models, inspired by existing gear such as guitar & bass amps, cabinets, compressors, pedals, and tape machines. All parameters of the presets are fully editable, giving you access to an unlimited number of distortion simulations to build your custom guitar tone.

Destructor is available for 99 EUR or $99.


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