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Free Plugin – Gatey Watey by Boz Digital Labs

a screenshot of the gatey watey plugin by boz digotal labs

Boz Millar has a knack for coming up with plug-ins we didn’t know we needed. A frequency dependant gate seems so obvious, at least now that it is here! I don’t know how I lived without it until now.

Gatey Watey by Boz Digital Labs

The controls are very simple.

Threshold, range, attack, release, and lookahead function the same as any other gate plug-in. The selectable frequency response is what makes this one special. There are three modes. Flat, hi-pass, and lo-pass.

And when using either of the two filters, we can tune the cutoff points via the long horizontal slider in the centre of the interface.

Having a gate react in specific frequency ranges opens up a word of creative possibilities. Gating ringing bass drums or toms is a practical use for it. Accenting or masking selected areas of the frequency spectrum within instrument phrases is a nice creative application that yields all sorts of interesting results.

Video – Having Fun with Gatey Watey

Watch the video:

It’s not only a useful tool, it’s fun and inspiring to play with!

Download Gatey Watey here.

Eli Krantzberg
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Eli Krantzberg

Apple Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg is an internationally known author and music software trainer for Groove3. His instructional videos have helped demystify music software such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sonar, BFD, Melodyne, and Kontakt for thousands of users all over the world. Based in Montreal, Canada, Eli is involved in all aspects of audio production. In his studio he works with various artists, as well as on commercial jingles, corporate videos, and original music composition.
Eli Krantzberg
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  • )))

    “I don’t know how I lived without it until now.”

    Doesn’t the stock gate plug-in in Logic Pro X come with frequency-dependent controls as well, located to the right side of the UI? I can’t recall having used them at all, so I may very well be mistaken.

    • Secret Santa

      Yes, usually when I see something exciting I’ll try to do the same in Logic with stock plug-ins. I got around 95% success rate 😀 Obviously I’m not talking about RX and similar tools.

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