Video Tutorial – Using Waves Greg Wells ToneCentric

Video Tutorial – Using Waves Greg Wells ToneCentric

In part three of this series of free Waves video tutorials, Eli Krantzberg takes a look at the Greg Wells ToneCentric plugin. ToneCentric is part of the Waves Greg Wells Signature Series of plugins that was developed in collaboration with GRAMMY®-nominated producer and mixing engineer Greg Wells.


In the Waves Greg Wells Signature Series, ToneCentric is the most subtle of the bunch. It adds the type of harmonic distortion generally achieved through tubes and transistors, and outboard tape decks. I think it works nicely in modest doses, spread across multiple tracks in your mix. The cumulative effect adds a nice thickness. And I like the linked input/output function to help maintain a constant gain as you are adjusting it. It helps keep things in perspective, without getting distracted by volume offsets.

If you push it too hard, the sound will break up in a similar way that pushing analog gear does, which can be interesting. Try it on some drum loops to dirty them up real nice! Although it doesn’t have the multiple parameter control of more sophisticated looking tape saturation plug-ins; this to my ears, is a great way of getting a tape like quality either across busses, individual tracks, or the master bus.


Pricing & Demo Download

The complete Waves Greg Wells Signature Series currently costs $399.

The Greg Wells MixCentric plugin is currently on sale and priced at $69.

For more info, reviews or to download a demo, visit Greg Wells ToneCentric.

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