Automation Selection in Logic Pro X 10.3

Automation Selection Logic Pro X

There has been a lot of confusion about some of the automation selection functions in the recent Logic Pro X update. Here’s what is and isn’t currently doable.

Automation Selection in Logic Pro X 10.3

• Using the regular pointer tool: If automation is showing on multiple tracks, you can rubber band select automation control points vertically. The control points on the multiple tracks will be selected. Grab and move one, and all will follow. It is important you start your selection inside the automation lane, and not the region header; otherwise, the region itself will move.

Automation Selection Logic Pro X 01 automation nodes across multiple tracks

• This only works for automation of the same type. If multiple automation lanes are showing on each track, only the automation of the same type will be selected.

Automation Selection Logic Pro X 02 Multiple types of automation

• You can also select some automation control points, then hold shift, and select some more on another track. This works either by rubber band selecting, or simply clicking on control points to add to the selection group. This will work with different automation types on different tracks.

Automation Selection Logic Pro X 03 Multiple types selected

• Note: You can not select control points of multiple automation parameters on the same track. Shift-clicking on automation control points of different parameters on the same track will change the section, not add to it.

• Using the Automation Select Tool: You can achieve the same as above (selecting multiple automation control points on multiple tracks) without having to use the Shift Key. However, you can only select one automation type per track. Clicking in any individual automation lane deselects only that lanes selection; the selection remains intact on other tracks.

• Using the menu or key command to create 1 or 2 automation control points for selected parameters will work on multiple tracks, providing multiple tracks are selected. Automation control points will be created for each of the visible automation parameter lanes since selecting a Track includes all the visible automation lanes.

Automation Selection Logic Pro X 04 create automation nodes

Automation Selection Logic Pro X 05 multiple nodes created

• Using the Option+Control+Shift modifier keys to rubber band select and automatically create four automation control points will only work on the lane you are dragging on, regardless of how many tracks are selected in the Track Header.

• With regular Marquee Tool rubber banding; four automation control points are created on all lanes. Rubber band drag across multiple tracks with the marquee tool, and four control points will be created on the multiple tracks. When moving the automation line between the control points, however, only automation parameters of the same type will be adjusted, while the four control points of other automation parameters will remain unedited.

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  • killmedj

    No matter how much I practise my automation skills, it’s still the one part of LPX that still hinders my flow. It’s just too darn finicky.
    It pretty much is in all DAWs for that matter.
    The “shape” tool in Studio One is a great feature and something that would be very useful in LPX.
    Also maybe just making the nodes bigger might even be a simple solution.
    Any way, another great piece Eli

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