Video Tutorial – Using Waves Greg Wells PianoCentric

a screenshot of the waves pianocentric plugin in logic pro x

In part two of a new series of free Waves video tutorials, Eli Krantzberg takes a look at the Greg Wells PianoCentric plugin and puts it on an acoustic piano and a Rhodes. PianoCentric is part of the Waves Greg Wells Signature Series of plugins that was developed in collaboration with GRAMMY®-nominated producer and mixing engineer Greg Wells.

Using Greg Wells PianoCentric

PianoCentric is more than a one trick pony. It works beautifully on acoustic pianos. When dialed in to positive range, it adds a polished finished HiFi-type of sheen to the sound. It not only helps it cut through in a mix, but adds a fullness and richness that you generally find only with the best quality equalizers.

But to me, it really shines on electric pianos. When dialed in to the negative range, the result is a beautiful filtered lo-fi sound, with perfectly smooth resonant bumps that don’t jump out when sweeping up and down. To my ears, it is perfect for use with automation. It can generate a smooth natural wah-wah type of filtering, with no sharp peaks at the cutoff positions. A musically timed delay is also available, for creative musical rhythmic variations. And the doubling function adds the ability to thicken and get a detuned type of effect. Try this, in modest doses, on vocals; it won’t disappoint!


Pricing & Demo Download

The complete Waves Greg Wells Signature Series currently costs $399.

The Greg Wells MixCentric plugin is priced at $149.

For more info, reviews or to download a demo, visit Greg Wells MixCentric.

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