Video Tutorial – Using Waves Greg Wells MixCentric

a screenshot of the waves greg wells mixcentric plugin in logic pro x

In a new series of Waves video tutorials, Eli Krantzberg takes a look at the Waves Greg Wells Signature Series of plugins that were developed in collaboration with GRAMMY®-nominated producer, musician and mixing engineer Greg Wells and uses them in Logic Pro X.

Waves Greg Wells Plug-ins

Waves have a series of one knob style plug-ins. They are designed to be used as macros, where a variety of processes are working behind the scenes as one control is being modulated. The Greg Wells Signature series is the most recent, and are surprisingly versatile, given the relatively few parameters available to adjust. They recreate, in varying degrees, the best parts of the analog world, including the properties imparted by the use of transistors, tubes, and tape. Like all the one-knob style plug-ins, they can be used “politely” within their intended range of use for the intended enhancements to the audio being passed through them. Or they can be pushed to extremes, for creative effect and colouration.

Video – Using Greg Wells MixCentric

MixCentric is a quick and easy solution for putting the finishing touches on your mix. It combines EQ, compression, and harmonic distortion, and is designed for use on a master two bus channel strip. Add a limiter after, like Logic Pro’s Adaptive Limiter, and you’ve got some simple in the box mastering that will add pro sounding polish to your mixes.

Pricing & Demo Download

The complete Waves Greg Wells Signature Series currently costs $399.

The Greg Wells MixCentric plugin is priced at $199.

For more info, reviews or to download a demo, visit Greg Wells MixCentric.

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  • JimGramze

    I have the whole Greg Wells series. I recommend getting each plug as they go on sale which makes them obviously worth the asking price. I always use the MixCentric on my main out, but not only that.

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