Review – Ample Sound – Ample Bass Yinyang II

a screenshot of the Ample Sound Ample Bass Yinyang II User Interface

Ample Sound is a relatively new company. I hadn’t heard of them until recently, and have since discovered that they make fantastic sounding software instruments. Guitars and basses are their specialty. The Yinyang ll is the latest addition to their collection of electric bass instruments.

Ample Bass Yinyang II

Ample Sound Yinyang Bass has an incredible sounding set of samples. And a nice broad palette of articulations accessed by a simple and elegant key switching system. The interface is set up with five panels, designed to easily access all the sound shaping features and parameters.


a screenshot of the Ample Sound Ample Bass Yinyang II USer Interface with Effect Pedals

Noises, playing techniques, envelopes, and articulation switching is handled on the Main Panel. The Tab Panel is used to bring in preset patterns for Ample Bass Yinyang II to play. There are a variety of functions here to manage the files, as well as control their feel and timing. The FX Panel provides a variety of useful stomp box effects. The Edit Panel is used to tweak the tuning and level of each sample individually, Something I didn’t find necessary to do; it sounds great with the factory settings. And finally the Settings Panel is used to manage content, presets, MIDI settings, sample cycling, and master controls.


Download Ample Sound Yinyang Bass

This instrument is definitely worth checking out.

It comes in all the major plug-in formats on both Mac and Windows. The download weighs in at a hefty 4.5 GB, so makes sure you are ready in terms of download time/speed and room on your hard drive.

Ample Bass Yinyang II is currently priced at 119 USD.

For more information, audio demos and videos, visit the Ample Bass Yinyang II product page at the Ample Sound website.

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