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The Graphically Enhanced Release Notes are now available as a 150 pages book “Logic Pro X – What’s New in 10.3“, at http://LogicProGEM.com. The book provides the most comprehensive and detailed coverage of all the new features and changes with in-depth explanations for this major update of Logic Pro X. Everything is well laid out with lots of unique diagrams and graphics and includes information and instructions not found anywhere else.


Logic Pro X – What’s New in 10.3” is not just a quick overview of the changes in the new Logic Pro X 10.3 update showing only a few highlights. This book covers everything you need to know about this update, and there is a lot to know (and learn) about.

Learn the Great New Features

Logic Pro X 10.3 has quite a few big new features that require some extra learning to understand how they work and how to use them. I spend 80 pages alone just to cover every detail about these new concepts and workflows with easy to understand graphics that get you up to speed, so you can use them right away in your Projects.

These are the big new features where I spent some extra time on in the book to explain all the ins and outs:

  • Selection-based Processing (“AudioSuite”)
  • Track Alternatives (“Playlist”)
  • Dual Mono Plugins
  • Stereo Pan
  • Bus Routing Labels
  • Precision Summing (64bit Audio Engine)
  • Touch Bar Support
  • Export/Import with GarageBand for iOS
  • Ghost Waveforms
  • MIDI Plugins controlling Audio Plugins
  • Filename Patterns


Here are a few examples with screenshots from the book in case you are not familiar with the style of my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals”.

Dual Mono

This is a very welcome feature that provides much more flexibility regarding the channel mode. I explain that feature in the context of the various Channel Modes of Plugins and Channel Strips, something every Logic Pro X user should be aware of.

Stereo Pan

Stereo Panning is another item on the Logic Pro X feature wishlist that can finally be checked off. This is something that you definitely have to spend some time with to understand. The implementation has a lot of little details and I make sure not to glance over anything. I demonstrate the functionality and how to use Stereo Panning with unique graphics and even show them side by side to the “Stereo Balance” mode that many Logic Pro users still have a hard time to understand.

Ghost Regions

This is a great new feature that makes editing of waveforms so much easier (faster and more accurate). Again, there are lot of hidden little things you might want to know before using it, not only for Audio Regions, but also for MIDI Regions and Drummer Regions (kind of).

64-bit Summing

This is a big one. There is as much buzz lately about 64-bit Audio Engines as there is confusion and nonsense to be found on the internet about that topic. In Logic Pro X 10.3, this is just a single Preference setting with two options, but I spend 14 pages alone on that subject to explain the concept of floating points and all those “bits” that are so confusing.

Share to GarageBand for iOS

This is one of those “you heard it here first” details.

At the moment there is practically zero information about that feature and even the Logic Pro X User Guide doesn’t explain it. I provide a step by step instruction on how to use this super cool feature. If you have hoped for “Live Loops” to be one of the new features in 10.3, this is as close as it gets, and more.

Bus Labels

One of those little improvements that will have a big impact in your workflow. I show exactly what you will see, where, and when in the various popup menus, so you can stay on top of of your routing configuration, no matter how complex it gets.

Filename Pattern

Another one of those “more than meets the eye” features.

A lot of little details and conditions are embedded in this feature you have to be aware of to make it the most useful in your daily workflow.

And much much more…

This was just a quick overview of what you can expect in this book. If you updated already or plan to update to Logic Pro X 10.3, there is no other source that provides all that information you need, enriched with easy to understand and illustrated graphics and diagrams.

Graphically Enhanced Manuals

If you are interested in learning more about Logic Pro X, check out my books in my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals” series. All books are available as PDF, printed books on Amazon and interactive multi-touch iBooks on Apple’s iBooks Store.

For an up to date list of all my books in my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” series and all the links, go to my website.



Thanks for your time and interest,

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich is a composer, producer, educator and author of the best-selling book series “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” He is a graduate of the prestigious Tonmeister program at the University of Arts in Berlin where he also was teaching for five years. His musical work in a wide variety of styles includes numerous scores for films and TV shows plus compositions for ballet and sacred music. His recent re-recording of the Blade Runner soundtrack (done exclusively in Logic Pro!) achieved critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. Follow him on Twitter @EdgarRothermich
Edgar Rothermich

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    The book “Logic Pro X – What’ New in 10.3” now is also available as a printed book on Amazon and as interactive multi-touch iBooks on Apple’s iBooks Store. Links are on my website.

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