Logic Pro X 10.3 is Out!

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Logic Pro X has been updated to version 10.3! Updated UI, Touch Bar support, Selection Based Processing, Stereo Panning, 64-bit Summing Engine… a big one once again.

Logic Pro X 10.3

Logic Pro X 10.3 includes quite a few enhancements and fixes. A few highlights:

  • Updated interface, better legibility, expanded color palette.
  • Support for the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro.
  • Track Alternatives let you create and switch between different playlists of regions and edits on a track.
  • Selection Based Processing: render any combination of effect plug-ins to a selection of audio.
  • True stereo panning provides more control and discrete manipulation of stereo signals.
  • Logic Pro X now offers a 64-bit summing engine.
  • A list of up to five of the most recently used plug-ins now appears at the top of the plug-in menu.
  • Use 192 additional buses.

Full Release Notes

See the official Logic Pro X Release Notes.

Don’t forget, make sure to back up the currently installed version of Logic Pro X and projects.

Continue reading to see what Eli Krantzberg thinks of this update…

Logic Pro X 10.3 is Here!

What a fantastic way to kick off the new year! Logic Pro X 10.3 is a great update.

It’s a “musical” update, focusing on creative enhancements, with new features designed to stimulate and encourage experimentation. It’s hard to know where to begin in singing its praises. The first and most noticeable enhancement is the ability to (finally) lighten the background in the Tracks Area. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it seems to be grey scale only. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Same thing for the colour picker. The good news is an extra row of colours, but unfortunately, not with a huge gradation in the colour spectrum yet.

logic pro x 10.3 colour picker

Track Alternatives

My favourite new feature is the new Track Alternatives function.

Conceptually, this is a huge step forward in the direction of creative freedom. Many other DAWs refer to this type of feature as a playlist. It allows us to have different configurations of region information on a track. So we can freely experiment with alternate edits, while being able to safely step back. We can create as many as we need, allowing us to step backward at as many critical edit points as we want. Of course we can also use it to experiment with alternate arrangement ideas. And even with alternate (region) automation values. Flattening comp folders no longer needs to be a major decision; simply copy the comp folder to a track alternative first so you can easily go back! These are just a few ideas as to it’s usefulness.

logic pro x 10.3 track alternatives

Selection Based Processing

Another fantastic feature users have been begging for (ever since the demise of Audio Suite and Premiere format offline effects processing last century), is Selection Based Processing (SBP).

Either audio regions or marquee selections of audio regions can now be processed off line directly in the Tracks Area. Selection Based Processing is implemented really elegantly, with lots of options as to how the new material will be created and placed on the track. And it is set up to easily audition between two completely separate plug-in chains. And best of all is the loudness compensation feature, ensuring as close a blend as possible with the preceding material.

logic pro x 10.3 selective track processing

Stereo Pan

Finally we now have individual panning of left and right signals directly from the Channel Strip Pan/Balance button. This new feature allows us to set dual pan locations, and then tilt the entire spread left or right. Pan spread and pan position are both available for automation as well. A really neat feature is the ability to swap left/right signals. So you can, for example, pan and spread a dry signal one way, send it to an Aux, and then pan/spread the effects return there differently.


04 Stereo Pan

Mixer Enhancements

The audio engine has been tweaked in a lot of very welcome ways.

There is a new high precision summing engine, great for maintaining imaging and phase coherence in large mixes. We now have up to 256 busses available. And… wait for it… we can now finally side chain Software Instruments directly from the Side chain menus without having to first route through a bus. The top of your plug-in list is now populated with your most recently used plug-ins. Nice touch! And the new dual mono mode allows for setting left and right sides separately in Logic Pro’s effect plug-ins.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg!

logic pro x 10.3 mixer enhancements

MIDI Plug-in Target Parameters

The MIDI plug-ins Modifier, Modulator and Scripter now allow to control automatable plug-in parameters of any plug-in below it in the same channel strip. I think this just might be the most creatively stimulating and under rated feature of this upgrade. What this means is, we now have easy LFO or envelope based automation of any parameter readily accessible. I only wish this were implemented on audio tracks as well as software instrument tracks.

Maybe in the next update!

logic pro x 10.3 MIDI plug-in target parameters

And More

And there’s lots more. Fades have been improved, as has exporting. There are nice tweaks to the Events List and Transform Window. Ghost waveforms are now visible when dragging region boundaries left or right so you can see the data there. This is a fantastic feature which takes the guesswork out of region boundary editing. There are some nice new key commands, as well as support for the MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar. And all of this is just scratching the surface!

Groove 3 – Logic Pro X 10.3 Explained

To learn more about all the new enhancements and see them in action, check out my new videos at groove3 here:

Logic Pro X 10.3 Update Explained

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  • Michael Adler Miltersen

    Just installed. Are they serious about this new GUI? I feel like I’m looking on something from 1998? The color choices, the fonts, the strong colors against the grey? Horrendous!

    • It’s so ugly

      • Klöver Dam

        same with you, if you don’t like and was not used to work with previous logic versions before 9, go back to Garage Band. It might suit you.

        • I’m not sure what you are saying? I liked all previous versions better than the new one in terms of the look’n’feel. From a design point of view making buttons flat as pancakes is just silly. The user needs visual queues for what to press. Logic pro is a complex application and you need a UI that helps the user as much as possible. There is absolutely no reason for making everything look flat when you have millions of colors to pick from on a computer screen. That’s the usability issue. From an aesthetic point of view both previous versions of 10 and earlier versions e.g. 9 where much more aesthetically pleasing.

        • James Simpson

          You Sir, are a very rude and disrespectful person. Why must you be this way? People have the right to like what they like without people like you insulting them as if you are so much better. I’ve been working with Logic since 1990 when it was still Creator by Emagic on an old Atari 1040ST and even though I liked the way it looked then, I like the way Logic Pro X looks better, too. It’s perfectly ok for people to want a NEW and functional look. Try being a little more considerate and to open your mind before you speak (type). That is all…

    • Klöver Dam

      Thanks god the program is back to the core-users and professioners and not newbies and people “who make music for fun”. If you don’t like it, go back to Garage Band, noob.

  • Olivier Jomphe

    To each is own. I like the interface

    • Klöver Dam

      Me too, it reminds me on the old good days.
      I strongly hope Apple is start doing real physical products again also.
      Latest Pro laptop is a Joke – at least for us who want to work and not just “look good at the cafe once we’re facebooking”

  • I like it too sofar. I’m curious to see though what the Logic Pro X skin community will come up with.

  • Olivier Jomphe

    I guess the direction mixer is useless now? Or could it still be useful?

    • For stereo panning, yes I think so. Still useful to decode middle and side audio recordings, and the Spread slider is still useful in LR mode to pan L and R towards each other (e.g. make background vox or reverbs a little less wide if needed). Late night edit: whaddayaknow! You can do the latter by dragging the ring around the pan knob up and down. Ultra cool 😉

      • Olivier Jomphe

        Right! Thanks!

  • Klöver Dam

    I see the program as a part of my desktop. Have you ever been thinking of that the GUI is equal with learning and routines? For me when companies change the GUI equal with going into someones desktop and change the mouse, change the trashbins position from left to right etc.. Change the sensitive in the mouse settings etc.

    But sure, waste more of your work time on illrelevant things as “Oh nooo it doesn’t look good enough” etc.

    Playing with Barbie dolls and care if Batman have a black or deep purple suit as well?

  • Yoshi

    The Logic Pro team should allow MIDI FX to target smart controls too, that’d be cool.

  • Shawn Stewart

    My weekend was a nightmare. I attempted to move all my sounds to external hard drive. Found out my plugins will not work from an external hard drive. 1. I think the hard drive is not fast enough…please advise? I had to reinstall Logic Pro X and now some of the Apple stock effects plugins will not validate….please help? Also, all of the Logic sounds will not load? Also, I think I may have moved some files to the wrong place in the library directory, can you tell me where the files should go?

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