Video Review – IK Multimedia MODO Bass

a screenshot of the ik multimedia modo bass virtual instrument in logic pro x

In the following video review, Eli Krantzberg takes a good look at IK Multimedia MODO Bass, the first physically modeled bass virtual instrument.

Video Review – IK Multimedia MODO Bass

MODO Bass is a collection of 12 physically modelled electric basses that captures various playing styles, string & pickup configurations, as well as amp and fx processing. See and hear how the MODO Bass GUI provides intuitive access and control over important playing and sound shaping parameters. The modelling of multiple aspects of bass electronics, pickups, actions, and string properties allow for recreating detailed nuances of an authentic electric bass performance.

Modo Bass Highlights

  • The first physically modeled electric bass virtual instrument
  • Groundbreaking real-time modal synthesis technology — no samples were used.
  • Recreate every electric bass sound based on 12 bass models
  • Playing styles include — plucking, slapping and picking
  • Customize string force, fingers used, pick thickness & technique
  • Customize string number, scale, tuning, gauge, construction, action, age
  • 20 faithfully recreated, interchangeable iconic bass pickups with volume
  • Choose active or passive electronics with parametric EQ
  • Under-bridge piezo pickup with blend
  • 7 bass stomp box effects configurable in 4-slot chain
  • 2 iconic bass amps – Solid State and Tube derived from AmpliTube
  • FX and amp global bypass for routing


MODO Bass costs €362.99 incl. VAT (€299.99 excl. VAT).

From any previously purchased IK Multimedia product of a value of $/€99.99 or more a crossgrade is available at €241.99 incl. VAT (€199.99 excl. VAT).

Visit IK Multimedia MODO Bass for more information.

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  • Matt McKenzie-Smith

    Wow, it’s really quite impressive!

    • Isn’t it? Good stuff.

      • Eli Krantzberg

        I just finished a more detailed series on it for groove3, and there is some really nice key switching and MIDI CC control available that I hadn’t originally explored very closely. There are some articulations only available here that add a lot! Particularly the ghost notes. And the ability to switch between finger and slap styles via key switch allows to slap only specific notes, etc. Sweet!

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