Video – Using the Fabfilter Pro R on Drums

a screenshot of eli krantzberg using the fabfilter pro r reverb plugin on live drums

In the following short demo video you can watch how Eli Krantzberg is using the Fabfilter Pro R Reverb plugin on drums.

Using the Fabfilter Pro R on Drums

After finishing a short series of videos about the new Pro R Reverb plugin for Groove 3, Eli’s put together a little video recording himself playing drums along with some simple bass and piano. He recorded several eight bar sections, then mixed them down with his favourite Fabfilter Pro R drum room presets. He did four bars with the plug-in bypassed, then four with it active each time.

The new FabFilter Pro-R algorithmic reverb sounds fantastic, and is really intuitive and fun to use. Here are some short before/after examples of six of my favourite drum room presets. The plug-in is placed on the drum bus and blended with the dry signal via the plug-in’s Mix knob.


Make sure to listen either on good monitors or with headphones.

Fabfilter Pro R Review

Over at Pro Tools Expert, editor Dan Cooper has already taken a good look at Fabfilter’s new reverb plugin, its typical Fabfilter GUI design and workflow capabilities. Watch why Dan has given Fabfilter Pro R the Pro Tools Expert Editor’s Choice Award:

Pricing & Demo Download

Fabfilter Pro R currently is priced at € 169,-.

The new reverb plugin is included in the Total Bundle which is priced at € 644,- (incl. VAT). The FabFilter Total bundle contains 14 plug-ins worth € 1706,-

Visit Fabfilter’s download page to download fully functional 30-day trial versions of all Fabfilter’s plug-ins. When the demo versions expire, you simply unlock them with a personal license key, available for purchase in the online shop.

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  • JimGramze

    This became my go to reverb a quick minute after I tried it out for the first time. Super clean and so easy to shape and control.

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