Metric Halo Transient Control Only $25 For a Limited Time

a screenshot of the metric halo transient control plugin in logic pro x

Metric Halo, developers of the free subwoofer-shaking Thump plugin and the legendary ChannelStrip 3, are offering Transient Control for only $25 instead of $179 until 11/01/2016.

Transient Control

From Metric Halo:

Transient Control distinguishes between the attack, sustain and release components of your sound, letting you control them individually. Add more snap and body to your percussive sounds, texturize your foundation tracks, and have more control over what stands out in your mix. A touch of Transient Control can add sizzle to a final mix. The default User Interface is simple yet powerful, and can be used to shape your transients quickly. Expanded views provide a scalable readout and advanced controls to redefine the way that the attack and sustain elements are detected by the plug-in.


Watch the demo of the transient shaper, and see how it is put to work to make a reggae rhythm guitar track cut more in a mix, while speeding up the mutes by using the Sustain function of the plugin.

Transient Control Key Features

  • Independent Control over Attack and Sustain of your audio tracks
  • Detailed display of gain applied over time
  • Advanced controls to modify attack and release detectors
  • Adjustable UI – simple, detailed and advanced
  • Auto Sensitivity Mode for processing at any signal level
  • Metric Halo Preset Manager with cross-platform presets

Get a Demo

Metric Halo have a free, fully functional 30-day trial for Transient Control included in the Production Bundle Trial.

For more info, visit Metric Halo.

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