Emailing Mixing Engineers In Style with ‘Paste and Match Style’

a screenshot of Finder in Mac OS X Sierra

In Mac OS X, using ‘Paste and Match Style’ (keyboard shortcut: V) can be a true timesaver when you need to send emails to your mixing or mastering engineer to comment on audio files he or she has processed and sent to you. Here’s how I’ve been using the OS X keyboard shortcut this crazy busy week.

Paste and Match Style

Suppose you’ve received a bunch of audio files or stems from your mixing engineer, and you’d like to send him/her an email with some comments… Open the folder that contains the audio files in Finder, then select all files with A. Copy them to the clipboard with C.

a screenshot of the Finder Window on Mac

Next, paste into e.g. TextEdit with the ‘Paste and Match Style’ function: simply hit V on your Mac’s keyboard.

You’ll get a neat list of the audio files, ready for your annotations.

a screenshot of Finder in Mac OS X Sierra

Once you’re done commenting, you can copy/paste the text into Mail.

Why Did You Use TextEdit First?

Using V in a new message in Mail, quite surprisingly, will paste the files, not the file names, even when the new Mail message is set to Plain Text Mode.

Sidenote: the OS X keyboard shortcut does work as it should in Polymail, GMail, Messages, Notes, etc.

Include the File Paths

After publishing this tip a few days ago on the Logic Pro Expert Facebook page, Jaap Kramer came up with another valuable version of this timesaving trick:

This is cool in case you need to include the file paths (again, this won’t work in Mail):

a screenshot of Text Edit on Mac OS X Sierra

Happy mailing.

And thanks much, Jaap!

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