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“Editing and Mixing Vocals in Logic Pro X” is a series of video tutorials published by Ripple Training that will teach you how to mix vocals in Logic Pro X, apply equalization and effects and create background vocals – with the ultimate goal to turn a decent home recording into a professionally mixed, industry compliant and radio ready performance. The tutorials are currently on sale for $49.

Editing and Mixing Vocals in Logic Pro X

Course Highlights

In three hours, you will learn how to:

– Work with vocal comps (switching between comps, duplicating, unpacking).
– Set up your vocal project (checking audio levels, differences between the Track Editor vs the File Editor, syncing playheads, adding a metering plugin).
– Adjust the gain of your vocals (adjusting the Decibel indicator, performing a Change Gain function, normalizing audio).
– Create background vocals (selecting your best takes, arranging tracks for comparison, nudgin regions).
– Apply basic vocal mixing techniques (adjusting the panning of the background vocals, EQing lead vocals, understanding frequency ranges).

Course Freebies

Check out part 4 and 5 of the series, they’re free to watch.

In these videos you’ll learn about splitting your lead vocal track, how to create arrangement markers, how to separate your vocals to build a verse, bridge and chorus, and much more.

About the Author

a picture of Mary Plummer - author of  Editing and Mixing Vocals in Logic Pro X

“Editing and Mixing Vocals in Logic Pro X” is an 18-part series produced by Mary Plummer, a professional composer with over 25 years of experience in video and film production. Her clients include Apple, CNN, BBC, CBS, NBC, and other major media companies.

On Sale

The video course has a retail price of $69.00, but is on sale now for $49.00.

The download includes project media files, so you can follow along in Logic Pro X.

For more info, a complete tutorial outline and tutorial previews, head over to Ripple Training.

A basic understanding of how Logic Pro X works is required.

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