New Tape Plugin – Wow Control by Goodhertz [Audio Examples]

did you leave the tape out in the sun

Tape plugins. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

Wow Control

Goodhertz have just released a new tape-based wow & flutter plugin called Wow Control ($129 – 15-day trial).

It can reproduce “every noise, every wobble, & every harmonic of three tape machines spanning three decades”.


How’d you like your tape today?

Lots of parameters to play with:



Tons of settings to play with:

this is a gif showing presets of the goodhertz wow control tape plugin

Wow control has 45 presets in total, ranging from Vinyl, Vibrato, Tape, Cassette and Stereo Widening effects.

Here’s some guy at Goodhertz clicking through some of them:

Audio Examples – Beats

Here’s some other guy (moi) going through some of the presets.

You’ll hear two rounds of After Hours Beat 01, taken from the Apple Loops library.

Examples are 320Kbps MP3’s.


Bad Cassette (really bad!):

Mastering Tape 30 IPS:

Colorful Crunch:

Fast Forward / Rewind (great for tape stops / backspins):

Audio Examples – 60s Drums

Two rounds of ’60s Shuffle Fill 07′, untreated:

The 33.3 RPM Vinyl preset, with saturation set to 165%:

Audio Examples – Strings

You’ll hear one round of the ‘Banquet All’ loop.




Audio Examples – Voice

One of Wow Control’s coolest features is the ability to double — and even triple — sounds in interesting ways.

Here’s Apple’s Samantha voice reading back the above quote.


Full Widener:

I’ll make some more examples later. Let’s first see if the server holds up…

In the meantime, you can download a 15-day trial of Goodhertz plugins here. You’ll need an account.

The installer contains 15-day trial versions of all the plugins Goodhertz have produced sofar.

Or, play around with Goodhertz’ uber cool loop machine to hear their plugin suite in action.

Make sure you try the random button, and let the loops run for a while.

Here’s my favorite, with music made by Justin Delorme from Winnipeg, Canada.

Or try this one, with some loops from Vulfpeck’s super funky “Fugue State”:

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