30-Second Riffs: Writing Music in Short Bursts

a screenshot of alchemy in logic pro x

I thought this video was nice and quite refreshing. New York recording engineer and producer Christopher Vandeviver shares some of his tips on how to deal with the intimidation of a blank project in Logic Pro X. Highly recommended to those suffering from BPA (Blank Project Anxiety).

Writing Music in Short, Easy Bursts

Chris ponders:

Instead of thinking “I don’t have the time to create”, shouldn’t we be thinking:

“what’s the most effective way for me to create something of value right now?”

No sh*t, Chris.



Chris shows you his strategy on how to use Logic Pro X to quickly get creative, by writing 30-second riffs and by spending no more than 1 or 2 hours on them. Good stuff.

Give this a spin:

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  • Cameron

    Very good piece. This is what I do all the time. And somewhere along the line I will go back and listen to my ‘vignettes’ and find the fire to take it further. Some days, one will spark me more than than others. …. but that’s a ‘mood of the moment’ thing. I’ll keep going back to my little riffs. I keep them all.

    I also like your comments on ‘fake’. I can find inspiration in something as simple as a Apple Loops…., a tone, a unique sound, a melody, a beat …. and I will use them.

    Ya ….. This was good video commentary, Thanks Chris.

    • Hey Cameron, thanks much. I’ll pass this on to Chris!


    • Chris_Vandeviver

      Thanks so much for your insight, Cameron! There’s beauty in brevity and Logic 🙂

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