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Review – iRig HD 2

the all new iRig HD2

I’m not a guitar player, and I’m blown away with the new iRig HD 2 from IK Multimedia! They’ve always been great at straddling that line between consumer, prosumer and professional. And this new I/O wins on all three levels.

iRig HD 2 Video Review

See what you get in the box, learn about the I/O and how to use the iRig HD2 with an iPad, guitar amp and with your DAW:

Review – iRig HD 2

I’ve got an advanced copy to play with, and this thing works amazingly well in a variety of contexts. I plugged the supplied USB cable into my Mac and Logic recognized it right away as an audio interface. There’s no installation, no drivers; just true plug and play. I was able to run it at a buffer setting of 64 with absolutely no problem. Because it is recognized as an output device as well as an input device, it can truly work as a stand alone two way audio interface. Just plug some headphones ( or monitors) into the headphone output and you can monitor your full mix while tracking guitar parts.

iPhone 7 Ready

It’s also is a real winner when used with iOS devices. Not only does it come with an unlocked version of Amplitube (for guitar amp and effects processing), it also comes with a cable to connect directly to the lightening port on an iPhone (or iPad), and so is completely iPhone 7 ready.

a Guitar Rig in Your Pocket

a close up picture of the IK Multimedia iRig HD 2

But the real feature that, IMHO, puts this thing in a class of it’s own is the addition of a quarter inch output connector. This opens up a whole other world of usage and processing possibilities. It can connect into a guitar amp, or mixing board. So, in effect, the iRig HD 2 combined with an iPhone and Amplitube is literally an entire guitar rig that will fit in your pocket. It’s all you need for a live gig. And if you’re doing studio work, bring it to any session, load up your Amplitube sounds, and your ready to record. There’s even a thru switch, should you want to pass the unaffected signal out of the device for a clean recording. And to top things off, IK Multimedia has thoughtfully included a velcro strap to attach it to a mic stand.


For a hundred bucks, I think IK Multimedia has a real winner on its hands. I think this makes for a great addition to any electric guitarists tool kit, for less than the price you’d pay for a new pedal!

For more information, visit the iRig HD2 page at IK Multimedia.

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Eli Krantzberg

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