Add Clarity To Your Mix with iZotope Neutrino – Free Plugin


iZotope has released Neutrino, a free plug-in that lets you add clarity to your mix in just a few steps. It can subtly refine vocals, instruments, bass and drums.

Add Clarity To Your Mix with Neutrino

You can use Neutrino on individual audio tracks, aux buses, and stem tracks. The plug-in is not meant to be used on your master output.

From iZotope:

Say hello to Neutrino, our free spectral shaping plug-in. Use it to reveal subtle amounts of detail that can elevate great mixes to a new level of refinement. Add clarity to your mixes by applying it to every track or the major mix buses (just like analog summing or console emulations).

4 Modes

The plug-in has 4 modes:

  • Voice: Adds clarity to vocals.
  • Instrument: Smoothes out resonant frequencies.
  • Bass: Adds punch to bass (electric, acoustic, synth).
  • Drums: Emphasizes transient detail. Minimizes frequency buildup (mud).

Inserting the Plug-in on Multiple Tracks

To insert the plug-in on multiple tracks in Logic Pro X in one go, select multiple tracks in the Mixer, then insert the plug-in.

Neutrino Audio Examples

In the video below, Neutrino has been applied to every audio track individually.

Best heard on headphones or studio monitors. The effects are subtle!

More examples can be found on iZotope’s Youtube Channel.

What is Spectral Shaping?

If you’re interested to read more about the plug-in’s 4 modes, how to use Neutrino, proper gain-staging and how spectral shaping was developed, see iZotope’s article about Spectral Shaping.


You can download Neutrino here.

Requires your email address.

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  • Funkmaster5000

    I downloaded it (for free) and tried it out on a few tracks. It does absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. Don’t bother.

    • Hi Funkmaster,

      To isolate what Neutrino does, put a (drum) loop on two audio tracks. On one track, invert the L/R phase with Logic Pro’s Gain plugin. Insert Neutrino on the other track. You’ll get a good sense of Neutrino’s subtleness that way.

      • Funkmaster5000

        Thanks for responding. I did what you described. The inverted track sounds different when the phase is reversed, but I still hear no change on the track with Neutrino whether it is on or if it is off. Am I doing something incorrectly?

        • Hey Funkmaster, if you play both the inverted track and the other one together – with Neutrino disabled – you should hear nothing. Are you sure you inverted both the left and right channel with the Gain plugin?

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