Video – Using Waves One Knob Pressure Across All Tracks

a screenshot of the waves one knob pressure plugin in logic pro x

In the following Waves plug-in tutorial produced by Eli Krantzberg, see how the Waves One Knob Pressure plug-in is used across all tracks in a mix in Logic Pro X.

Using Waves One Knob Pressure Across All Tracks

Discover the wide range of dynamics control available when using input setting on Waves One Knob Pressure to drive different levels into the plug-in across all the tracks in a mix.


On Sale Today

The Waves One Knob Series, which includes eight intuitive plugins each controlled by a single knob, is on sale for $99 today on August 13, 2016.

The regular price for the bundle is $249.

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  • polygooner

    Eli, how are you switching a whole row of plugins in and out at the same time?


    • Hey polygooner, note that at around 1:06 in the video, he first selects multiple tracks in the Mixer by dragging the mouse. Then it’s just a matter of enabling/disabling a plugin – doesn’t matter on what track you do it. I sometimes use ctrl-shift-right arrow to select multiple tracks.

      • polygooner

        thanks, danski. I didn’t realise you could do that, so that is incredibly useful information. Those little things make all the difference. The follow up question is then naturally – can you do a vertical all plugins on/off on a particular track?

        • Not in one go, no. However, if you click-hold an on/off button of a plugin and start dragging over the others, they too will go. That’s a pretty fast way to do it.

          • polygooner

            Wow, that’s great. Thanks so much. Even though i have been using Logic for ages, it is so easy to overlook these kind of things, especially if they have snuck in in an update.

          • +1 for that!

  • Eli Krantzberg

    Danski has it all covered in his answers. I really wish there was a way to toggle an entire channel strip’s plug-ins on/off in one go. There may be a way to create an Environment button connected to a bunch of faders sending appropriate mute meta fader commands. But my brain hurts just thinking about it! 😉🎶🎶

    • polygooner

      There was a macprovideo which did something like that, but I can’t remember the sequence of events to accomplish it. I think it was probably quite obscure.

      • It probably was 🙂

        • polygooner

          I must say this swipe thing that danski has taught me is fantastic. I don’t think it is much different to having a dedicated button to turn off inserts, as you can do it very quickly. Way cool. thank you. Perhaps they made a deliberate decision to do it this way because of course you can swipe any number, so you can turn off say three out of the five in one go if they are consecutive. Which is a bit more flexible than simply one button for a bypass all inserts.

          • Good to hear that!

            Good point re selectively disabling plugins on a channel strip, never thought of that one, excellent!


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