Sphere – A New Microphone Modeling System by Townsend Labs


Townsend Labs, a company from Redwood City, California has announced Sphere, a new microphone modeling system that lets you “unlock the 3D sounds of the finest microphones in history”.

Townsend Labs Sphere

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According to this article published today on Pro Tools Expert, the two people behind Townsend Labs are Chris Townsend and Erik Papp. Chris Townsend was a Guitar Products Architect at Avid Technology for over 5 years, and led a team of several engineers that developed the “Eleven” guitar amplifier modeling plug-in for the Pro Tools platform. Erik Papp was one of the people behind Summit Audio before Summit’s assets were acquired by Blue Microphones in 2011. Papp then spent time working as head of business development for Blue’s Signal Processing Division.

More Info

There isn’t much to go on on the Townsend Labs website yet – besides the option to subscribe and some quotes from early users/testers on the website’s login page.

Joe Chicarrelli (Beck, U2, Tori Amos) states:

The Townsend Mic is the future of microphone technology. Being able to manipulate the polar patterns, mic choice and off-axis effects after recording is a huge advantage. Quite a breakthrough!”

The comment section of the aforementioned Pro Tools Expert article seems to give a bit more information as well. From reader Rob:

The Sphere system consists of an extremely high precision dual channel microphone, which when paired with the included Sphere DSP plug-in (UAD, VST, AU, AAX Native) accurately models the response of a wide range of mics, including transient response, harmonics, proximity effect and three-dimensional polar response.

We’ll have to wait how this plays out. In the meantime, you can follow Townsend Labs on Twitter, or like the Townsend Labs Facebook page to stay in the loop.

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