Free Timecode Calculator by Non Lethal Applications

Free Timecode Calculator

Non Lethal Applications announced that Timecode Calculator is now free. Previously it was $3 in the Apple App Store.

Free Timecode Calculator

From the NLA website:

NLA Timecode Calculator is a utility application that helps you doing some math with timecode values. Calculating offsets is an every-day task in modern post production situations. Especially with dropframe timecode this can be error-prone. This little tool is the perfect helper here!

Timecode Calculator Features

  • Add and subtract TC addresses
  • supported framerates : 23.98 / 24 fps, 25 fps, 29.97/30 non-dropframe, 29.97/30 dropframe
  • Auto-fixing erroneous user input
  • TC results smaller than 00:00:00:00 can either be displayed as negative value or positive wrapped around the 24 hour mark

Version 1.1 now has an improved user interface, and you can now fetch the timecode to calculate with from an external MIDI timecode source.

See here:

Timecode Calculator (to download, your email address and name are required).

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