Free Midside Matrix Plugin by Goodhertz

Goodhertz MidSide Matrix

Together with a major 2.0 upgrade to their entire plug-in suite, team Goodhertz have released a free Midside Matrix plug-in for mid/side matrixing, mid/side gains, monitoring & metering.

Free Midside Matrix Plugin

Midside Matrix is a stripped down version of Goodhertz’ acclaimed mid/side processor, Midside. It features just the essentials: Mid/Side matrixing, gains, monitoring, & metering — all in a simple plug-in.


  • Mid/Side encoding & decoding
  • Mid/Side mute functionality
  • High resolution M/S gain faders
  • Pre/post fader level metering
  • Flip left/right channels
  • Fully automatable
  • No clicks or pops when automating the mute and matrix buttons
  • Large goniometer/vectorscope
  • Presets for easy Mid/Side conversion

Compatibility & Download

Midside Matrix works on Mac OS X 10.7 and up. Audio Unit 64-Bit, AAX 64-Bit.

You can download Midside Matrix here. It’s part of the version 2.0 installer, which won’t replace any v1.0 plugins you might have installed. You’ll need to register for a Goodhertz account to use the plugins.

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