Logic Pro X Tip – Playback in the Score Editor

a screenshot of the score editor in logic pro x

In Logic Pro X’s Score Editor, if you are in Linear View, you still have the bar ruler to use to place your playhead at a new start location. Wrapped and Page Views don’t have the ruler, so defining a playback point requires different technique.

Playback in the Score Editor

Here’s two ways to start playback at a new location when using the Score Editor that work for all three views.


It’s that simple. Hold down the option key and click inside a staff where you’d like the playhead to be located. You can then drag the playhead to a very specific location – use the help tag to determine the correct position. Not only great for playback, but very useful for pasting data.


Play From Selection Key Command

Select a note (it can be also be a Meta event like a dynamic) on your score, use the key command, and playback will start from that point.

key command

These two methods are easy ways to change the playback location in the Score Editor. If you don’t already use them, give them a try and see how it speeds up your work flow.

If you’d like to learn more about Logic’s Score Editor, please check out my three volume series entitled Logic Pro X Score Editor Explained at Groove3.com!

Doug Zangar

Doug Zangar

A Logic Pro user since the late 80’s with its predecessor Notator, Doug has become an expert in Logic Pro and MainStage. He has been an Apple certified trainer since Logic 6, created and leads the Seattle Logic User Group, and has authored numerous video tutorial series on Logic Pro and MainStage as well as other DAWs and plug-ins.

Based in Seattle, he runs Apple certified trainings, teaches Logic Pro for the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program Masters in Music degree and tutors individual users. His use of Logic Pro includes writing for film, commercials, web sites and working with singer/songwriters.
Doug Zangar

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