Logic Pro X 10.2.3 is On the Streets

Logic Pro X has been updated to version 10.2.3.

Logic Pro X 10.2.3

The update includes some significant enhancements, including new Automation Nudge functions (watch the free video), non-destructive Region Normalize, Quick Swipe & Take Edit Click Zones, a new interface for Match EQ, a new Loudness Meter, and more.

Release Notes

To learn more about the Logic Pro X 10.2.3 update and previous Logic Pro 10.2 updates, see the official Logic Pro X Release Notes.

Logic Pro X 10.2.3 Update Explained

For Groove3, Eli Krantzberg produced a 9 part series of video tutorials that takes you through all of the enhancements in about 25 minutes, as well as teach you creative ways to use them. The series is free to watch for registered users.

Go here:

Logic Pro X 10.2.3 Update Explained

As always, make sure you save a copy of the currently installed version as a backup before applying the update.

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  • Chryst

    I experience a strange bug. When I create an empty midi region and play in some notes, Logic is suddenly totally confused. It freezes up, doesn’t want to play the midi properly, freezes the playhead. I can reproduce this as well. Anybody else that experiences this after the update? Thanks!

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