Browse All Fabfilter Plugin Presets in Logic Pro X’s Library

the logic pro x library showing fabfilter plugin presets

Cool news for Logic Pro X users and fans of Fabfilter plugins: as with Universal Audio plugin presets, you can now browse all Fabfilter plugin presets in Logic Pro X’s Library, thanks again to music composer and sound designer speakerfood.

Browse All Fabfilter Plugin Presets in Logic Pro X

browsing fabfilter presets in logic pro x

The LPX Presets for FabFilter Total Bundle contains all FabFilter factory presets in the native Logic Pro format. Just install it using the easy installer, and you can navigate and search Fabfilter presets using Logic Pro X’s Library panel. This will greatly speed up your workflow, as the plugin presets are now shown in the Library panel when you select any Fabfilter plugin.

What’s Included

Speakerfood’s preset bundle contains a total of around 3500 presets from the latest version of Fabfilter’s plugins. They all have been checked and organized in the same folder structure as the FabFilter installer. Mono and legacy versions are included.

Presets are from:

  • FF Micro
  • FF One
  • FF Pro-C
  • FF Pro-C (Mono)
  • FF Pro-C 2
  • FF Pro-DS
  • FF Pro-G
  • FF Pro-L FF
  • Pro-MB
  • FF Pro-Q
  • FF Pro-Q 2
  • FF Saturn
  • FF Simplon
  • FF Timeless 2
  • FF Twin 2
  • FF Volcano 2
  • FF Volcano 2 (Mono)

Pricing & Download

The preset bundle is available for €5.00 in the Logic Pro Expert Shop. See here:

FabFilter Total Bundle Factory Presets for Logic Pro X

Updates for existing customers are free.

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  • If Speakerfood ever makes the presets for every single patch in Omnisphere 2, I’ll probably buy it. I’ve already made presets for all of my plugins (iZotope, FabFilter, etc), except for Omnisphere.

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