Get Better Mixes with Audified Mixchecker

the audified mixchecker plugin can help you get better mixes

Cool news from Audified today. Get better mixes with Audified Mixchecker: this new plugin can make your studio monitors sound like renowned reference monitors or several widely used consumer devices, ultimately to assist you making mixes that translate well across multiple listening devices.

Get Better Mixes with Mixchecker

Instead of bouncing your latest project to be able to check the mix in your car, burn it on CD or listen to it on your smartphone or smart TV, the new Mixchecker plugin allows you to perform quick mix checks right inside any DAW.

You insert it at the end of your plugin chain on your master output, select a device to simulate, then quickly get back to mixing and make the necessary corrections.

How Mixcheck Works


Audified Mixchecker Simulation

The Mixcheck plugin is divided into two sections. The Simulation section, seen above, offers acoustic models of several consumer devices and well-known reference monitors. Simulation models currently include Yamaha NS-10’s, a set of mixcubes, smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop speakers, TV, radio and car audio.


Audified Mixchecker Compensation

The plugin’s Compensation mode allows you to tell MixChecker whether you are using average 5″ or 8″ speakers, or headphones. The Bypass button turns all processing off.


Watch the video below to see how the plugin could help you get better mixes:


Mac OS X 10.6 – Mac OS X 10.11, AU/AAX/VST2/VST3 32/64-bit.

MixChecker requires an iLok or the License Control Manager.

For more information, visit Audified Mixchecker.

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