V-Control Pro 2 – Control Logic Pro Remotely (iOS, Android)

a screenshot of the v-console app on iOS

V-Control Pro 2 lets you control Logic Pro remotely from a plethora of devices, including iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, even web browsers. Neyrinck, based in San Francisco, announced major upgrades to the DAW control system today.

Control Logic Pro Remotely with V-Control – New Feature Highlights

New free V-Panner app

Image: V-Panner on iPhone, iPad, and Web Browser.


The new V-Panner app is a controller for stereo mixing in Logic Pro, and includes an innovative motion feature that allows panning settings to follow the motion of your smartphone. It runs on directly wired iPads, or on iOS and Android tablets and phones that are connected wirelessly. Web browsers are also supported: just open a browser on your 2nd computer.

V-Console with V-Window

Image: V-Console on iPhone, iPad, and laptop Web Browser.


V-Console is a fully featured control surface app that works on most phones, tablets, and web browsers such as Safari and Chrome. The app can be run on multiple devices for up to 32 simultaneous tracks of DAW control.

V-Console includes a V-Window feature that lets you control plugins from the original plugin screen, with improved insert and plugin edit pop-ups.

Here’s what founder Paul Neyrinck says about these new features:

“With the addition of V-Panner, and the integration of V-Window into V-Console, we can now offer the features of our legacy V-Control 1 app as well as a host of new features such as 16, 24, and 32 fader control, Android support and auto-sensing for wired iPad connection. We paid special attention to compatibility with the iPad Pro, the large size is perfect for 16 fader control.”


Watch the following video to learn more about all the main features of the new system.

Pricing, Trial Version, Compatibility

V-Control Pro 2 system can be purchased for US$49.99 from the Neyrinck Store.

To see how you can control Logic Pro remotely with this app (and to compare it with Apple’s free Logic Remote), you can try it out for free. Just download, install, and launch V-Control Pro 2. The application’s Setups window will indicate which control features are disabled in trial mode.

The free V-Console and V-Panner apps can be downloaded from the Neyrinck website for Android, and from the Apple App store for iOS devices.

V-Control Pro 2 is completely DAW-agnostic, and works with the following music production software: Cubase, MOTU Digital Performer, Ableton Live, Mackie Control, MIO Console, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, Reaper, Propellerheads Reason, Presonus Studio One, and Tracktion.

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