Review – McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip

a screenshot of the mcdsp 6050 ultimate channel strip plugin in logic pro x

In the following video, Eli Krantzberg takes a look at the new McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip plugin. The 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip includes all the modules from the 6020 Ultimate EQ and 6030 Ultimate Compressor plug-ins, with new modules including saturation, overdrive, distortion, gate, expansion, and new EQ effects.

Review – McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip

Long before emulations of analog hardware became popular, and before all the sophisticated graphics we see in modern plug-in emulations, McDSP was there right at the beginning with their filter bank and compressor bank plug-ins. They were the first on the block that allowed you to dial in just the right settings to model a variety of different compressor and EQ response curves. So, you could, in effect, recreate emulations of classic hardware, although without the sexy graphics.

They have since developed a huge library of plug-ins with fantastic sounding emulations. Their main developer, Colin McDowell, has always found a way of adding unique twists to the emulations that usually surpass the limitations of the physical hardware were modelled on.

The 6030 Ultimate Compressor & 6020 Ultimate EQ

A couple of years ago this all came to an apex when they came up with the 6030 Ultimate Compressor and then the 6020 Ultimate EQ plug-ins. They included a comprehensive history of all their emulations and code base, but more importantly, they offered a whole new approach to how we use these plug-ins.

The 6030 offers 10 different compressor models, each with different qualities and response times. And the 6020, ten different EQ models, each with unique sounding frequency response curves. The idea is that you dial in the basic settings you want, and then easily switch between the different models to hear what works best in the context of your mix.

So, basically you got ten compressors in the 6030 , and ten EQs in the 6020.

The new 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip

And now, the new 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip is here. It combines all the components of the 6030 and 6020 in an elegant module based channel strip interface. Plus, it adds 8 additional modules into the mix. The new modules include saturation, overdrive, distortion, gate, expansion, and new EQ effects.


6050 Ultimate Channel Strip Features

  • More than 25 EQ, compressor, gate, expander, saturator, and filter modules
  • Easy drag and drop interface for instant module auditioning
  • Side chain support
  • Output and Input control
  • Analog Saturation Modeling
  • Double precision processing

Pricing, More Info, Demo

The native version of the 6050 Channel Strip currently costs $229.00, there’s a discount on the new plugin for current owners of the 6020 Ultimate EQ and or the 6030 Ultimate Compressor.

For more info or to request a 14-day demo, visit the 6050 Channel Strip page at McDSP. An iLok2 is required.

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Eli Krantzberg

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Eli Krantzberg
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