Video Tutorial – Using Waves SoundShifter on Guitar and Drums

a screenshot of the waves soundshifter plugin in logic pro x

In this video, audio software tutor Eli Krantzberg will be using Waves SoundShifter creatively to add octave doubling to some rock guitar power chords, and phatten up a rock drums part by using the plugin’s real time Soundshifter Pitch component.

Using Waves SoundShifter on Rock Guitar and Drums

On Rock Guitar

On the rock guitar part, Eli doubles the power chords by sending the original signal to an aux bus that carries the Soundshifter Pitch plugin. The newly created octave-shifted power chords are then dialed in softly into the full mix, after adding a bit of ambience with a reverb he already used on the drums.

On Drums

Eli uses a similar approach to phatten up his rock drums part – this time shifting the pitch of the plugin down by about 5 semitones.

In both examples, Soundshifter’s ‘Transient’ mode is used to preserve the transients of the audio.


Watch the video to see how this all goes:

About Soundshifter

Soundshifter, Waves’ Time Scaling and Pitch Shifting audio processor, consists of 3 main components: a Parametric SoundShifter (for shifting speed and pitch with a fixed ratio), SoundShifter Pitch (developed for real-time pitch processing with a fixed latency, as seen in the video) and Parametric Pitch (for changing ratios by drawing an automation graph).

The plugin currently costs $149.

For more info, videos, reviews or a demo, head on over to Waves Soundshifter.

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  • JimGramze

    It would have been helpful to hear the stock pitch shift in Logic as opposed to this new plug-in, doing the same thing.

    • Laszlo Kalman

      Absolutely. What I usually do when I see “the latest must have plugin with unbelievable sound trick” I’ll try to replicate the same thing with Logic stock plugins and spend the money on ice-cream instead 😀 It works 95%

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