Browse All Universal Audio Plugin Presets in Logic Pro X’s Library [UPDATE]

Browse Universal Audio Plugin Presets in Logic Pro X

Thanks to UAD forum contributor speakerfood, you can now easily browse all Universal Audio plugin presets (now version 9.0.0) in Logic Pro X’s Library Window.

Browse Universal Audio Plugin Presets in Logic Pro X

UAD forum contributor ‘speakerfood’, who earlier converted all Universal Audio Plugin Presets to Logic Pro’s .aupreset file format, has now updated all presets to be compatible with UAD 9.0.0.

Speakerfood wrote:

I have updated the Logic Pro presets to be compatible with UAD 9.0.0 (the latest version). There are more than 1000 new presets, and they will be automatically installed by an installer. The update will cost €10 to cover the costs of keeping up with future updates, and eventually to convert more plugin presets to the native Logic Pro preset format.


The Logic Pro X presets are exactly the same as the presets that come with the factory UAD installer, the only difference is that they are in native Logic Pro X format so they can be accessed from Logic Pro X’s Library window.

Where to Buy

The presets are available for purchase in the Logic Pro Preset Store, see here:

UAD Powered Plugins 9.00 Factory Presets for Logic Pro X

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  • joethibs

    this is fantastic! thanks speakerfood!

  • Garrett Williams


  • if anyone has questions about the installation, feel free to contact me, mail address is on the Speakerfood website!

  • Tom Yoder

    Thank you so much Speakerfood. Great work. It is appreciated.

  • Red_Broad

    This is very helpful, just what I needed! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • No, you still need the UAD hardware. It makes the UAD presets that are
    normally only available from within the plugin available in the Logic
    Library window, for quick navigation and searching.

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