Video – How To Use Waves Maserati ACG

a screenshot of the waves maserati ACG in Logic Pro X

In this free video tutorial made by Eli Krantzberg, you’ll learn how to navigate the plugin’s user interface with your keyboard and hear the ACG Acoustic Guitar Designer at work on an acoustic guitar track.

How To Use Waves Maserati ACG

The Waves Maserati ACG provides EQ, dynamics, and subtle effects processing optimised specifically for the frequency and dynamic range of acoustic guitar.

Tony Maserati on the ACG Acoustic Guitar Designer:

“The ACG is a comprehensive tool to help gain ultimate control and energy boost from a variety of acoustic guitar types. The ‘ACG 1’ setting allows you to maximise level and sculpt your top and bottom. The ‘ACG 2’ setting has more built-in compression for bringing out the subtleties in a live performance. Both have appropriate room settings available to be dialled in at varying levels.”


Waves Maserati ACG is on sale today, April 24 2016, for $29.

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