Sound Design with Sonnox Envolution – Gating (Video)

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Sonnox published an excellent video tutorial about how to use their Envolution frequency-dependent envelope shaper as a simple gate.

Sound Design with Sonnox Envolution

In the video, watch how producer/engineer/composer Rich Tozzoli uses Envolution as a very natural sounding gate by using the plugin’s Sustain controls. This feature could be used on percussive sounds like kick drums as well. Rich also uses the Hold and Attack parameters for further sound design, and demonstrates some spectral shaping with Envolution to find unique tonal qualities within an audio sample.


Watch Rich working this plugin in Pro Tools:

More Sound Design with Envolution

Envolution can do much more than just simple gating (and way more than Logic Pro X’s wide-band Enveloper plugin).

By using a broad tilt mode or a parametric-style focus mode, you can choose which frequencies the plugin processes. The plugin can be inserted on a separate track, an aux bus or your mix bus, and lets you add either presence or distance to vocals, drums, piano, guitar and percussive sounds by manipulating the envelope of the audio content. The plugin’s DIFF button even lets you generate negative ratio compression effects.

Buy or Try a Demo

As part of this year’s Spring Sale at Sonnox, the native version of Envolution currently costs £102.00 instead of £170.00 (40% off until until April 30th 2016).

Visit the Sonnox store to see all savings, or download a 15-day demo first!

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