Slate Raven and Logic Pro X – Fader Focusing [Video]

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To all Raven MTi2/MTX owners: Slate Media Technology/SlateTV yesterday put up a nice video tut about how to use Logic Pro X’s Show/Hide Groups feature together with the Raven Multi-Touch Production Console.

Slate Raven and Logic Pro X – Fader Focusing

First you’ll need to set up the Show/Hide groups in Logic Pro X, then assign these to the Raven Batch Command System. So when you have a big session, you can now pull up just the faders you need and easily bring up your intrumental mix, your acapella, your lead vocals, et cetera.


About The Raven MTi2

The Raven MTi2 (currently $999) is a state of the art 27” Multi-Touch Production Console featuring a state of the art multi-touch panel and the powerful new Raven 3.0 Control Software. Using the Raven MTi2, users have access to multi-touch faders, pans, sends, and tweak plugins with their fingers as if they were real hardware. The Raven 3.0 Control Software also features a user-customizable multifunction Toolbar and the award winning Batch Command System, a powerful automated task application that will save audio engineers hours per day by cutting out tedious technical tasks.

See Raven MTi2 for more videos, specs and info.

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  • Octopi

    Only giving key commands can be dangerous. Logic, in its dubious wisdom, often changes the default key commands within newer versions. If you have a custom key command structure then the default key comands wouldn’t count anyway. Each key command has a menu selectable equivalent so it wouldn’t hurt to include the menu item in tutorials.

    Also, I found this tutorial quite confusing. It makes perfect sense if you already know how to do this but the object of a tutorial is to give the first time user an intelligible method that is easily understood.

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