Convert Guitar to MIDI with Bituosity MiGiC [UPDATE]

convert guitar to midi with migic

MiGiC by Bituosity (free, currently still in Beta) is an Audio Unit plugin that allows you to easily convert guitar to MIDI without any external hardware. Update: MiGiC has now reached beta 5 which adds features such as harmonized chords, and a user interface that is even easier to use.

MiGiC Features

  • Convert guitar to MIDI without any external hardware
  • Zero latency
  • Simple GUI
  • MiGiC recognises legato and pitch bends
  • Free while in Beta.

For beta 6 Bituosity is working on an offline version, to meet the demand from studio musicians with an offline studio computer. Bituosity is also adding personalized settings and they’re making the program more stabile. Their ultimate goal is to release a polyphonic version of MiGiC with the lowest latency on the market.

Setting Up MiGic in Logic Pro X

Bituosity’s Philip Karlsson has created a few straightforward tutorials on how to set up MiGic in Logic Pro X and Ableton Live:

Download MiGic here.

Note that MiGiC is currently still Beta software. According to the Bituosity website, the purpose of this release is to help Bituosity find bugs and add new features before the final release. By downloading this free beta you are agreeing to inform Bituosity of bugs and suggest new features to the software. Please use to do this.

By doing so, you will be automatically given a serial key to the full release of the software and all future updates upon final release.

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  • Martin Harp

    Nice to see more interest in guitar to midi plugins. I used Jam Origin’s “MIDI Guitar” in beta and it worked pretty well… Polyphonic and all. Not had much luck with this one, and just to note, polyphonic is hinted in the gui but not available just yet. I found there to be too much tweaking to get this one to trigger correctly, if at all. Tried following the setup video but that didn’t really help much (not that it isn’t a concise and informative video). I’ve sent some feedback and hopefully they’ll get the information they need to fix the current issues.

    • MiGiC

      Hi Martin!
      You´re right that MiGiC is not polyphonic yet. We are working on that along with other new features and stabilizing fixes. Contact us again at info@migic:disqus .com and we will do our best to help you!
      / The MiGiC Team

  • Where to download it?

    • Hi Jan,

      The link is in the article.

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