Mono Your Bass with Nugen Audio Monofilter – 25% Off

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Nugen Audio are offering a 25% discount on Monofilter – their excellent bass management plugin – until March 31st.

Nugen Audio Monofilter

The Nugen Audio Monofilter was developed for the control of stereo width and phase correlation in the low frequencies of the audio spectrum, and can help you craft the perfect bottom end while you’re mixing or mastering.

From Nugen:

The non-directional nature of low frequencies can often contribute to a perceived lack of clarity and focus in the mix. Adding stereo FX processing and using multiple mic set-ups in the studio can introduce phase inconsistencies leading to ‘weak’, ‘hollow’ or ‘flat’ sounds.

Practical Applications

With Monofilter you can:

  • Re-center low frequencies after applying stereo FX
  • Correct low end phase issues
  • Restore old masters
  • Make a frequency split with the plugin’s high performance crossover filter
  • Analyze the stereo spectrum
  • Also with Monofilter, you can centre your bass so that your recordings are properly prepared for vinyl cutting. From the Monofilter manual:

    Mono your bass. Staging is a big problem for vinyl cutting. I’ve run into situations where producers try to do stereo kick drums, and they think they’re fattening them up by moving one a couple of milliseconds, which only knocks it out of phase and results in less bass. And it’s almost impossible to cut.

    Nugen Audio Monofilter Review

    Here’s Pro Tools Expert’s Mike Thornton putting Monofilter through its paces in his review of the Nugen Audio StereoPack Bundle (skip to 8:39 for the Monofilter part):

    Pricing & Demo

    After the 25% discount, Monofilter now costs $89/£59/€69 ex. VAT.

    Get more info, browse the manual, or download a demo at Nugen Monofilter.

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