Logic Pro X 10.2.2 – Automatic Control Surface Assignment (Video)

Logic Pro X 10.2.2 - Automatic Control Surface Assignment (Video)

Get up to speed on “Automatic Control Surface Assignment” – a brand new feature that was introduced in Logic Pro X 10.2.2.

Automatic Control Surface Assignment

See how this new feature in Logic Pro X 10.2.2 allows supported USB devices to be automatically configured to act as control surfaces, with their knobs and sliders automatically mapped to the selected track’s Smart Controls.


Brand new in version 10.2.2 of Logic Pro X, certain supported USB devices can now automatically be configured to act as control surfaces… The first time you connect one of the supported hardware devices via USB, Logic Pro X is going to show you a dialog, asking you if you want to use it as a control surface, or if you want to continue using it just as a regular MIDI controller… If I click “Auto Assign”, it enables control surface support for the device, and if I click “No”, it’s going to allow it to resume its normal activities as a MIDI controller.

Watch Eli Krantzberg at work:

Supported Controllers

Below, the list of controllers that support the new Automatic Control Surface Assignment feature in Logic Pro X 10.2.2 – sofar. This list could change over time.

Akai Professional

  • MAX49
  • MPD24
  • MPK25
  • MPK49
  • MPK88
  • LPD8
  • LPK25
  • MPK Mini


  • PhotonX25
  • Q25
  • QX49

Apogee Electronics

  • GiO


  • Arturia MINILAB
  • KeyLab 61
  • The Laboratory
  • The Player


  • BCF2000
  • UMA25S
  • UMX 61

Central Music Co

  • CME UF MIDI Device

E-MU Systems, Inc

  • E-MU Xboard49


  • PCR

Evolution Electronics Ltd

  • Keystation Pro 88
  • MK-249C USB MIDI keyboard
  • MK-449C USB MIDI Keyboard
  • USB Keystation 49e
  • USB Keystation 61es
  • USB X-Session Old
  • USB X-Session

Focusrite A.E. Ltd

  • Launch Control
  • Launchpad Mini

Infinite Response

  • VAX77

Kenton Electronics Ltd

  • Kenton Killamix Mini


  • QuNeo
  • QuNexus


  • nanoKEY
  • nanoKEY2
  • nanoPAD
  • nanoPAD2
  • padKONTROL
  • taktile-25
  • taktile-49

Livid Instruments. Inc

  • OhmRGB


  • MidAir
  • USB Axiom 25
  • USB Axiom 49
  • USB Axiom 61
  • USB 02
  • USB Oxygen 8 v2
  • US8 Trigger Finger


  • Monome 64

Native Instruments



  • Nocturn Keyboard
  • SL MkII
  • Novation DMS


  • A-500S
  • A-PRO
  • A—Series Keyboard

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  • Velanche

    If this works via Smart Controls, then I guess that means that I should have my desired smart controls mapped out ahead of time, yes? Last night, I plugged in my MINILAB, one of the supported devices, onto a track of one of my recent Logic projects. When I turned the knob on the controller, the knob on the Smart Control barely moved. If knobs and faders and such are supposed to be automapped, then I’m a little confused.

    • That’s the idea, yep. Any related settings you could try and change on the Minilab?

      • Velanche

        Got tipped off to changing settings in MIDI Control Center, so will look into this soon and find out.

        • Velanche

          This is an update, because I’ve forgotten about this! I was prompted by a Logic Pro Help posting from a thread I started about this, with the poster wanting to know if I tried it. So I just tried the suggestion given, and it works! Apparently, the global settings for each knob parameter needs to be changed from “Relative” to “Absolute.” Once I’ve done it, I tried it with the mapped Smart Controls, and they worked! I’m pretty stoked, and hopefully this will help someone else out.

    • Eli Krantzberg

      One thing to be aware of is that the hardware knobs/faders don’t “pick up” the parameter values already set in the Smart Controls. So, you may need to move your knob/fader more than expected to “catch” the current parameter value. At that point, it should adjust the parameter smoothly. And yes, you need to map your Smart Controls to what you want the hardware to control. The good news is that Smart Control mapping is saved with patches. So, just save patches with your customized Smart Controls, and you’re good to go.

      • Velanche

        Good to know, Eli; thanks for that. I received a reply from Logic Pro Help from a MINILAB user stating that, apparently, I need to go into the MIDI Control Center (Arturia) and change parameter settings there. Out of the box when I’m turning the knobs on the controller, the Smart Control knobs barely budges; it just snaps back to its original position. Anyway, I’ll take a further look. I appreciate the tips!

  • Patrick Rushton

    Has anyone got this working with a Novation Remote SL? Mine is recognised correctly by Logic, but the controller assignments don’t match any of the built in templates.

    • Thomas Sawera

      Hi, did you figure it out? I have a problem with my Novation sl mk2, too.

      • Patrick Rushton

        Below is the reply I received from Novation. In short, you need to use the learn button to assign the controls. Although I never managed to get the transport controls working properly so I went back to using Automap.

        Hi Patrick,

        I have tested this auto-assign feature here but there was no default mapping with the Smart Controls, I had to use the learn button. Once I had mapped the eight Smart Control knobs in one plugin the Smart Controls then work for all opened plugins and FX.

        I realise this is not the full mapping that the Logic page suggests but this is not working here.

        However, using Automap 4.10 will allow FULL control of Logic, it’s plugins and fx AND all 3rd party AU intruments. I recommend using this as everything will be setup and configured easily. I can assist you with this if this helps.

        Best Regards,

        Ben Ware // Focusrite Technical Support Engineer

  • Nathan Plumridge

    Hey guys, I’m having trouble auto-assigning my Roland A-500PRO to Logic Pro 10.3.0. I’ve reset the warnings, then once I select to auto-assign I get another warning asking me to select Midi Ch 1. Not sure what to do there… Nothing auto-assigns and the keyboard continues operating as a regular midi controller, but with no controls surface features active. Any suggestions?

  • R Ian Davis

    Thank you for the video. Clear as a bell. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble setting up my AKAI MPKminiMkII. Your list above says it will set up automatically, but AKAI tech support says otherwise (that I have to do manual assignments). But regardless of who’s right, Logic Pro X will not even recognize by AKAI MPKmini as a control surface (the error says, “The models listed in italics in the Install window cannot be scanned. Please install these devices manually, by selecting them and then clicking the Add button.” Problem is, they cannot be installed manually either). BTW, the firmware is current. I can use the keyboard as a controller (although it still doesn’t show up on the list of MIDI controllers under Preferences>Control Surfaces>MIDI Controllers, but I’m at a loss as to how to get Logic to recognize this as a control surface. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? AKAI was no help… and contacting Apple is about as useful as contacting Washington for help…

    • Brian Wilson

      I am having the exact same issue. Logic is not recognizing the device or allowing me to set it up. My firmware is current and I am on X ver 10.3.1.

      • davidfell

        Me three. Just bought Logic this week. Its behaving exactly the same as described by Mr. Davis.

    • t shed

      I use MPK Mini with LPX everyday. I downloaded software that comes with MPK to use as sampler plug-in (essentials). but otherwise with still operate with any instrument track plug and play with notes and some volume levels. But I also midi-map sometimes

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