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Free DDLY Dynamic Delay – Better UI – Free Video Tutorials

a screenshot of izotope DDLY dynamic delay in logic pro x

A nice one-two punch from Mike at Pro Tools Expert: iZotope have updated the Free DDLY Dynamic Delay plugin that was released on Feb 9th, it now has an improved user interface with better contrast and readability. Meanwhile, Groove3 published a few free video tutorials about how to use it.

iZotope DDLY Dynamic Delay Version 1.0.1

The new version has the following improvements:

  • Better user interface for improved contrast, readability, and accessibility.
  • Fixed Pitch parameter transposition issue.
  • Fixed Windows custom un-installer issue.
  • Enhanced overall contrast and brightness of user interface.
  • Enhanced signal flow diagram detail in manual.

You can still download it until March 10th for free. After March 10th the plugin will cost $49.

Go here: iZotope DDLY Dynamic Delay Version 1.0.1

How to Use the DDLY Dynamic Delay

For Groove3, Bill Edstrom has produced 3 free video tutorials about how to use the DDLY Dynamic Delay.

They cover:

  • The GUI
  • Vocal processing tricks using the plugin
  • How to use the granular delay mode

These too are free until March 10th. If you have one, just login to your Groove3 account or click here to create one.

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