Bluegrass Banjo Sample Library 25% Off at Bolder Sounds

Bluegrass Banjo Sample Library Bolder Sounds

Bolder Sounds from Colorado USA, who gave you these 5 free EXS24 instruments a while ago, are offering a 25% discount on their Bluegrass Banjo sample library (Version 3) for Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.4 and higher.

Bluegrass Banjo Sample Library V3

From Bolder Sounds:

“Approximately 1.65 GB of new banjo samples have been added to to Bluegrass banjo V3 update, the total size of the library is now 3.15 GB. The new samples feature pluck positions along the banjo’s string length as well as Scruggs-Keith D-Tuner samples. Also included are 379 MIDI files to help you build realistic banjo rolls (arpeggios) and chords, as well as many other new features.”


  • Up to 5 x round-robin per key, for each of the banjo’s strings.
  • All strings have been sampled on 5 different pluck positions.
  • Pluck Positions can be selected via Key Switches or via a Pluck Position velocity selection system.
  • The banjo sample library includes 379 MIDI files for making realistic banjo arpeggios and chords.
  • Impulse Response from the banjo head included, for resonance.
  • Articulations include Hammer-On and Pull-Off, Half step and Whole step Slide, Harmonic and Scruggs D-Tuner bends. All articulations have 2 independent round-robins per key.
  • Scripted Pitch Bend and Vibrato control.
  • KSP scripted control of Fretting Position on the neck of the banjo, including an Auto Fret Selection feature.
  • 8 different effects – each with its own Preset menus, for easy saving and recalling.

Bluegrass Banjo Sample Library V3 – Detailed Tour

Below is a detailed video walk-through, to show you all the new features of the updated Bluegrass Banjo sample library.

25% Off – Ends Monday

The Bluegrass Banjo V3 update is $19.95 (regular price $24.95 starting 2/23/16). For first-time buyers Bluegrass Banjo V3 costs $44.95 (regular price $59.95 starting 2/23/16). If you already own the Bluegrass Banjo library and you purchased it after November 1, 2015, the update is free.

For more information, visit Bluegrass Banjo V3.

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