Video – Fix Distorted Vocals with RX De-Clip

Fix Distorted Vocals with RX De-Clip

In the following video, iZotope shows you how to fix distorted vocals with RX De-Clip. This plugin is part of the RX Plugin Pack – a brand new set of audio restoration plugins curated from iZotope’s flagship RX audio restoration software.

Fix Distorted Vocals with RX De-Clip

Dealing with clipped audio is something that used to be very difficult and typically meant throwing out what was sometimes the perfect take. Setting the gain too high on a pre-amp meant that you were distorting on the way in, and there was no way to fix that. The De-Clip plugin is designed to essentially redraw the waveform as it would have been before clipping occurred. Which means that now those takes can be rescued.


Take a look at how to use De-Clip in an (Ableton Live) session to fix distorted vocals and remove the unpleasant harmonics that were brought out by the distortion:

Before and After Using De-Clip

Here’s what this session could have looked like in Logic Pro X’s Audio File editor. The audio was extracted from iZotope’s video. Notice that the clipping of the lead vocal occurs in the third and last burst in the audio waveform:


a waveform of a distorted vocal in logic pro x

After – notice how De-Clip removes the vocal distortion and makes the waveform more dynamic again – as if the vocals were recorded at proper levels:

a waveform of a distorted vocal after using izotope de-clip

RX Plugin Pack

The new RX Plugin Pack contains 4 audio cleaning tools derived from iZotope’s RX software:

  • De-click (for removing clicks, pops, vinyl restoration)
  • Dialogue De-noise (to remove background noise from dialogue or voice-over recordings)
  • De-hum (for removing audio hum and buzz)
  • De-clip

Check out Plugin Boutique’s RX De-Clip deal.

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  • All the tutorials I can find are using something OTHER than Logic Pro X. When I install this on LPX, there is no “process” button and I can’t find how to, well, get it to process on a LPX track. Help?

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