NAMM 2016 Interviews – Slate Digital, KB Covers, McDSP, Celemony

NAMM 2016 interviews

As always, the recent NAMM show was a whirlwind of excitement. Each year my adrenaline starts pumping as I start exploring and learning about the new software and hardware products that have either recently been released, or are coming soon.

This year, I was fortunate enough to be able to commandeer some recording equipment and manpower from my buddy James Ivey, in between his interviews for our sister site Pro Tools Expert. Special thanks to Rex Strother for manning, and schlepping, the camera equipment; the crowded NAMM hall is a real jungle! Thank you also to Russ Hughes for green lighting this. And a big thank you to James for helping make this happen; and for his great video editing.

Slate Digital

My first stop was at the Slate Digital booth. I have been reading about the new Raven MTi2 for Logic and was anxious to get up close and personal with it. Matt Doge from Slate took me through the basics. And then we dug a bit deeper and looked at editing batch commands. With it’s new lower price point, this is a very realistic controller for Logic users.

Consider, as you are watching the following video, that this is virtually the same price point as an iPad Pro running Logic Remote. Yes, it’s true an iPad does a lot of other things other than control Logic. But in terms of their functionality with Logic, there’s no discussion to be had. The Raven is simply in a different universe than an iPad Pro/Logic remote combo. Think about that next time you are about to take out your wallet at the Apple Store!

Find out more about the Slate Raven MTi2 here

KB Covers

My next stop was the the KB Covers booth. Bruce was kind enough to show me the Logic Pro X keyboard cover. It comes in two sizes: one for regular keyboards, and one for extended keyboards. The colour coding makes using advanced key commands a snap. It really is intuitive to use and a great way to get up to speed with key commands you otherwise might not use as regularly. I’ve recommended this keyboard cover to a couple of clients over the years, and they have always been very happy with it.

Find out more about the Logic Pro X keyboard cover here


Next up was a visit with my good buddy Derek Heimlich at McDSP, and a look at their new upcoming 6050 Channel Strip plug-in. It seems that creating channel strip “containers” is very much in vogue this year, and for good reason. It’s really, really, useful to be able to experiment with the order of effects processing on a channel when mixing. And channel strip plug-ins generally make it very easy and elegant to load, reorder, and save them in various custom configurations. Not only is McDSP joining the party, they’ve upped the anti buy including some sweet new modules to this offering.

Included in this new plug-in are all the modules from their 6020 Ultimate EQ plug-in, every module in their 6030 Ultimate Compressor plug-in, plus some new EQ, gate, and saturation modules that will be unique to the 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip. For those of you who follow my posts, you’ll know by now that I am a big fan of McDSP plug-ins. I use them all the time in my mixes. This new channel strip will make McDSP plug-in chains much more elegant to store and recall. Plus, I’m looking forward to the new goodies in it!

Find out more about the upcoming 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip here


My final stop was a visit to my old friend Carlo Libertini, and a look at some of the new Melodyne 4.0 features and workflows. This looks like a fantastic update to an already fantastic plug-in. Carlo shows us how to work with multiple instances of Melodyne across multiple tracks, all from one window, and explains the new interface features in detail. I’ll be starting in soon on a completely new updated set of groove3 videos covering Melodyne 4.0 from the ground up; so keep an eye on for complete Melodyne 4.0 coverage in the next little while.

Find out more about Melodyne 4.0 here

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