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“Logic Pro X – What’s New in 10.2.1” is a free book in my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” series. On 100 pages, I’m going over the new features and changes in this amazing Logic Pro X update v10.2.1 and explain the topics in great detail with lots of graphics and diagrams. Download it from my website


Graphically Enhanced Release Notes

This free book is for everybody who can’t concentrate reading through the long list of the official Release Notes and needs a little bit more in-depth information and a bit more color here and there. No need to search the internet and different forums or sit through YouTube videos to find out all the new goodies in this Logic update. They are all here in this book, concentrated on 100 pages, well explained and demonstrated. And of course, there is plenty of information that is not mentioned in the official Release Notes. The graphics in this book, an integral part of my manuals, gets you up to speed right away and lets you implement the new features in your workflow immediately.
Here are a few examples of the graphics you’ll find in this book:

Rename Plugins: Long Names and Short Names
Additional “Beat Grouping” option for the Metronome
Colored Automation Mode Buttons on the Track Header
Menu Bar Controls Move to the Action Menu
Flex Pitch Editing Directly on the Track Lane

Graphically Enhanced Manuals

For a list of all my books in my “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” series and all the links, go to my website at:


Thanks for your time and interest,

Edgar Rothermich.

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich

Edgar Rothermich is a composer, producer, educator and author of the best-selling book series “Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)” He is a graduate of the prestigious Tonmeister program at the University of Arts in Berlin where he also was teaching for five years. His musical work in a wide variety of styles includes numerous scores for films and TV shows plus compositions for ballet and sacred music. His recent re-recording of the Blade Runner soundtrack (done exclusively in Logic Pro!) achieved critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. Follow him on Twitter @EdgarRothermich
Edgar Rothermich

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