Microphone Review: Samar VL37 Handcrafted Ribbon Mic

Gear Review - Samar VL37 Ribbon Mic

In the following 2 videos, MatKat Music’s Charles Schiermeyer – a NYC-based horn & string arranger and Logic Pro X user – takes a look at the Samar VL37 handcrafted ribbon microphone.

Part 1

In part one, Charles does two passes of recording sax – one without treatment, and one with treatment in Logic Pro X (Space Designer and Channel EQ with an HPF around 600Hz, and an LPF around 2khz with gentle curves (6 or 12dB/oct)):

Part 2

In part two, Charles compares the Samar VL37 ribbon microphone with a Miktek CV4 large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone (modded by MicRehab), and also shows how to record with the mic in a Mid-Side configuration:

More About Charles

Charles Schiermeyer is a teacher, composer and performer currently living in New York City. Originally from Seattle, Charles moved to NYC in 2003 to study with Grammy award winning composer Michael Abene. He graduated with a Bachelors & Masters degree in Composition from the Manhattan School of Music. He plays all saxophones, piano, flute, clarinet, guitar, and some trumpet.

For more info, check out the MatKat website or check out MatKat Music’s Youtube Channel.

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