How To Use Logic Pro X’s Smart Controls With Waves Renaissance EQ – Part 1

a screenshot of using smart controls in logic pro x with the waves renaissance eq

Eli Krantzberg has produced a video tutorial about using Smart Controls in Logic Pro X together with the Waves Renaissance Equalizer plugin.

Using Smart Controls With Waves Renaissance Equalizer

In the video, you’ll learn how to set up Logic Pro X’s Smart Controls to create Q and Gain Coupling on a single control. You can use it to generate variable width settings based on the value of the gain parameter like many vintage EQ units.


About the Waves Renaissance EQ

The Waves Renaissance Equalizer is a paragraphic EQ with filter curves based on vintage analog equalizers for a warm, analog-style sound. For more info or a demo, see Renaissance Equalizer.

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  • Martin Harp

    I haven’t used the smart controls yet but this is a great way to get me into it. I’m getting ideas for other things as well. Thanks for sharing!

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