Positive Grid Introduce Pro Series Studio Plugins

positive grid pro series

Positive Grid announced the launch of the Pro Series Studio Plugins, a series of extremely high quality audio FET, Tube, and Optical compressors.

Pro Series Studio Plugins

The Pro Series Studio Plugins is “a series of extremely high quality audio FET, Tube, and Optical compressors that introduces profiling and component based compression for the first time ever in a plugin. With Positive Grid’s DSP engineering and component level modeling expertise, it is now possible accurately reproduce the many subtle nuances of classic and modern analog studio gear right down to the component level.”

Watch the video:


– 3 individual compressors: FET, Tube and Optical
– Profiling Technology captures any real world analog compressor nuance
– Component level modeling, virtually swap out components
– Extremely high quality audio processing architecture

Compressor Profiles

Positive Grid is currently working with mixing and mastering engineers to create professional compressor profiles made from recordings in leading studios. More of these profiles will be coming soon. They are also working on other effects plugins, including Smart EQ, Smart Reverb, Tube Preamp and Tape Machine.

Price: $199. For more info or a demo, see the Positive Grid website.

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