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An Interview with Mixerman (Eric Sarafin) at Softube


Softube recently published an enjoyable interview with Eric Sarafin, aka Mixerman (from the book “The Daily Adventures of Mixerman“), on their website.

Written by guitarist and pro audio writer Brian Marshak, the interview sheds some light on Mixerman’s thoughts about music, sound, technical ability, and his new book.

On mixing and thinking in musical terms:

If you think about sound in the context of the music, in particular how the music makes you feel and move, then you are manipulating the sound for all the right reasons. Sound does not live in a vacuum. There is no such thing as good sound, unless the sound has a purpose.

On good mic placement vs. processing:

So, how does one develop the skills and the discipline necessary to learn good mic placement today? One would have to purposely put limitations upon oneself, like an exercise. I’ve done those sorts of exercises on recordings. I’ve started projects with the goal of using mic technique rather than EQ and compression, and it’s rather revelatory.

Read the full story:

Mixerman: It’s All About the Music

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