A New Approach to Dynamics Processing: Peak Rider

impact soundworks peak rider

Impact Soundworks have released their debut effects plugin called Peak Rider. This AU/VST plugin can take a sidechain input and use it to create a new volume envelope for a main input.

Peak Rider

For example, using a dynamic drum track as the sidechain for a flat bass line, Peak Rider will copy the dynamic pattern of the drums on to the bass, bringing it to life. As both boosting and attenuation are used depending on the sidechain, the plugin can also restore dynamics to an overly-compressed track, match vocal harmonies to a lead, create rhythmic patterns, and a multitude of other purposes.

Key Features

  • Both wideband and multiband
  • Zero-latency analysis with linear phase option
  • Four processing modes available
  • Three analysis & detection modes
  • Fine control over envelope shaping
  • Left/right and mid/side stereo processing

Peak Rider is available for the limited-time introductory price of $79. No dongle required. A trial version is available.

More info.

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  • Martin Harp

    This looks very useful. Thanks for sharing

  • Not really ready for prime-time and sales yet; they should wait before asking for money. For example: despite being advertised as AU/VST, the demo provides no VST on OS X; AU only but then very odd (via this Logic User blog) that it will not side-chain on Logic (!?) (Apple’s fault apparently they say …). The only reasonably satisfying experience to get the thing going is via Reaper AU at this stage; or the silly Live routing runaround. NB the videos or manuals omit any mention of ‘how to side chain’, while there are a few links to different DAW complications on the page. Overall: needs to be ready & on PC as well as Mac: AU, AAX & VST3 (the last in particular). Side chaining is surely the primary required feature here (and not the present avoidance-speak).

    • Zach Hughes

      Hi Paul – Zach here, main developer of Peak Rider.

      The new version of Peak Rider offers VST & VST3 builds for OS X. Also, the sidechaining of the plugin has been upgraded to be compatible with more DAWs, including Live and Logic. We plan on now working out the AAX plugin format for Peak Rider! You can download the new version from the Impact Soundworks website.

      • Good to know, thanks for posting!

  • Joe Shepard

    I totally agree with Paul.

    Since Peak Rider’s main trick is using an external side-chain to control the peak riding it’s pretty much useless with out that function in Logic. I bought it not understanding that and now will have to wait for Impact to hopefully figure this out. FabFilter has external side-changing working in their plugins. Hopefully they can figure it out as well.


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